Stone – Manufactured

canadian generic cytotec no prescription Even though natural stone is generally the “preferred” veneer, not every project is able to support the excess weight.  For these applications, consider manufactured stone.  Miller Products is your local factory direct dealer for all the top-quality brands.  Don’t be fooled by low quality box-store brands that look fake and simply do not last in outdoor environments.  Always remember two things: you get what you pay for and if the price seems too good to be true, it usually is!

Some reasons why people choose manufactured over natural stone:

  • Lightweight
  • Usually less expensive than natural stone
  • Highly consistent
  • Variety of styles and colors
  • Cost effective shipping
  • Sealable, just like natural stone
  • Product warranty

Cultured Stone®

Miller Products & Supply is Upper Michigan’s largest certified stocking dealer of Boral® Cultured Stone®.  Cultured Stone has been manufacturing products for over 50 years.  Cultured Stone’s incredibly realistic look and feel adds timeless character and value to any job.  Over-engineered and enduringly beautiful, Cultured Stone is sure to draw a positive light to your project.  Remember, if it doesn’t have the embossed “CSV” symbol on the back then it isn’t genuine Cultured Stone®!

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Boulder Creek®

Boulder Creek manufactures high quality stone at less-than-premium prices.  Made in Minnesota specifically for harsh northern climates, Boulder Creek will withstand those bitter winters for years to come.  Looking for lightweight thin brick veneer?  Boulder Creek has over 46 styles and colors!

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See also these other fine brands-

Miller Products is also a certified dealer of exceptional products from Dutch Quality, Coronado Stone and Eldorado Stone.  Click below to find your stone!





Miller Products & Supply recommends having a certified mason install your veneer stone to ensure that your product goes on correctly and lasts for years.  Our goal is to provide you with a stone that fits your goals and that your ideas come to life to create a beautiful masterpiece!  If you prefer to do it yourself, each company has its own installation guide.  You can also find various YouTube videos online to assist in proper do-it-yourself installation.

Please click below for the following installation guides:

Click on the play button below for a video tutorial on how to install Eldorado Stone: