Summer Hours: April 27th ’16:  We are now on our summer hours schedule from 7am-5pm (CST).  If you miss us during normal work hours please leave a message and we’ll return your call in the morning.  Thank you!  

Simpson Strong-Tie Training:

November 18-19th, Minneapolis MN:  Steve and Justin completed the Industrial, Commercial and Infrastructure Workshop.  Many topics were covered, including anchors, fasteners, epoxy/acrylic construction adhesives,  crack injection, powder actuated fastening systems, restoration and much more.  Click on the Simpson Strong-Tie logo to find out more about their extensive product lines.


Contractor Showroom:

New for the 2015 Building season, our contractor showroom!  We’re confident that the new setup will assist our valuable customers in making smart and cost-effective decisions.  As always, we’re open to comments and suggestions on how to improve our service to you.


2015 Site Solutions Seminar:

Thank you to all who attended our 2015 Site Solutions Seminar on March 26th!  Our speakers did a fantastic job, the venue was perfect and the food was great.  The conference provided our staff the opportunity to get better acquainted with each valued customer.  We hope that the seminar was equally enjoyable to everybody in attendance.  If you would like more information about upcoming events please contact Justin.  Thank you!



Coming Soon to Miller Products:  Contractor Showroom:

Please excuse the dust!  Just in time for the 2015 building season, we are currently putting the finishing touches on our new Contractor Showroom.  With so many innovations and additions to our product lines we saw the need for more space.  We’re confident that our new showroom will help speed customer service and ultimately assist those in making better product choices!


IconXChange 2015 (Feb 16-20):

During the third week of February Justin flew down to San Antonio, TX to attend the annual IconXChange business summit.  Hosted by the National Concrete Masonry Association and the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), the convention was a business-to-business gathering of leading companies throughout our manufacturing and construction industry.

We asked Justin about his experiences in San Antonio and he responded, “The IconXChange provided a fantastic opportunity to meet and learn from our industry’s top leaders.  As Miller Products strives to provide our customers with the latest trends and technology, so did the companies and organizations showing at the convention.  I hope to use everything I’ve learned to better our relationships and customer experiences!”

Want to know more?  Click here for more information.

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World of Concrete 2015, Las Vegas NV (Feb 3-6):

Miller Products invests in our future and has a long-standing tradition of attending the World of Concrete convention held every winter in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This huge gathering of the industry’s best products and brightest minds showcases its newest innovations, emerging trends, and best established practices.

This year Ryan, our engineer, went with several goals in mind.  First, determine how to better service our customers with unique and innovative concrete construction products and accessories, items that are not widely known or available in the Upper Midwest.  In turn, ensure our customers are in tune with current trends in the concrete construction industry.  Second, solidify relationships with our vendors in order to provide our customers with the best available support, pricing, and availability.  Miller Products strives to cultivate relationships with subject matter experts in the industry who can be consulted to solve our customers’ challenges.  Third, identify areas in which our company should seek to improve.

At the World of Concrete, conversations with manufacturers and other suppliers led us to bolster our product lineup in areas which, quite frankly, we didn’t even know we were lacking.  This convention helps Miller Products stay relevant and ahead of the power curve.

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